Through strong client relationships and a distinctive working method that maximizes outcomes, in 20 years we have grown to be one of Israel's leading capital markets and investment banking specialists

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Committed to results

Focusing on dedication, skill, and in-depth market knowledge, we became one of Israel's most reputable and accomplished capital markets and investment banking firms. Working closely with clients from a wide range of industries, we have closed transactions worth more than 40 billion USD to date

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Lior Pais
Lior Pais Chairman & CEO

Mr. Pais has over 25 years as an executive in the Israeli capital market, with extensive experience and specialization in underwriting, public and private issuances, capital raising and foreign exchange market. Prior to joining Rosario, he served as Vice President at Leader Capital Markets. Mr. Pais holds an executive MBA degree in Finance from the Hebrew University
Eran Jacoby
Eran Jacoby Deputy CEO

Mr. Jacoby has over 20 years of management positions in the capital market, with specialization as a consultant and analyst in diverse industries, especially in TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology). In his previous position, he managed Rosario's research company, which provided sell-side coverage of over 40 public companies. Prior to joining Rosario, Mr. Jacoby served as VP of Research and Communications and Technology Analyst at Meitav Dash Brokerage, as a Senior Communications and Technology Analyst and VP of Business Development at Leader Capital Markets and as a Technology Analyst at Clal Finance, Betucha investment house. Mr. Jacoby hold a MBA in Business Administration with honors, specializing in finance and information systems, and a Bachelor's degree in finance and marketing from the College of Management
Nadav Raban
Nadav Raban CEO Underwriting

Brings broad and in-depth professional knowhow in corporate finance, with over 15 years of comprehensive practice in all stages of the process of professionally managing the various aspects of companies’ both public and private offerings. Mr. Raban works with firms that raise capital through NASDAQ, London stock exchanges, Toronto Stock Exchange, and other stock exchanges, and he obtained expertise and experience in cross-border issuances and financing. Was selected as one of "Globes" most promising young professionals for 2019. Holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Hebrew University and a BA in Economics from Reichman University
Tamar Cohen, Adv.
Tamar Cohen, Adv. VP, Corporate Legal Counsel

Dedicated to legal counseling and investments for the past 20 years. Managed the formation and daily operation of a technology investment fund for seed and pre-seed technology startups and took part in its capital raising and management. Founded and managed Tower Semiconductor’s legal department and participated in various capital-raising processes, focusing on the legal and business aspects. A licensed attorney who holds an L.L.B. from the University of Haifa
Lilach Grause
Lilach Grause CFO

With more than 20 years of capital market experience Ms. Grauss brings vast experience in public fundraising management and private placement for Israel's leading companies. In her previous positions, she served as an analyst at Rosario Research and Consulting, Transactions Manager at Gmul Sahar Underwriters and back office at Citibank. Ms. Grauss holds a BA and MA degrees in Economics with a specialization in finance from Tel-Aviv University
Boaz Levi
Boaz Levi Head of M&A

Mr. Levi has 22 years of experience in capital markets and corporate financial advisory. He managed dozens of capital raisings, public offerings and private offerings, built and successfully implemented a debt and capital raising strategies and financial actions for companies in a wide range of industries. Prior to joining Rosario he served as Senior VP at Clal Finance Underwriting. Mr. Levi holds a BA in economics and an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv university
Orit Zrihen
Orit Zrihen VP Commercial Papers and Underwriting

Has over 20 years of experience in the Israeli capital market. Ms. Zrihen manages companies’ public and private issues of equity and debt across a wide range of industries and specializes in commercial paper issuances, where she worked with Israel's leading companies. Prior to joining Rosario Capital, she served as commercial papers manager at Leumi Credit. Ms. Zrihen holds BA in sociology and anthropology from Tel-Aviv University and an MA in Law from the University of Bar-Ilan, Israel
Dr. Zeev Zak
Dr. Zeev Zak Head of Bio-Med Department

Dr. Zak, an expert in cardiology and Internal Medicine, graduated with Honors from the Tel Aviv University medical school. Dr. Zak is a practicing medicine professional and in the past 10 years serves as consultant to private and institutional investors.
Moshe Mayo
Moshe Mayo Credit Rating and Modeling Expert

Mr. Mayo has over 18 years in financing complex transactions, guiding companies through raising debt and credit ratings processes, financial modeling and relating accounting aspects. Mayo was one of the founders of the Israeli rating firm Midroog and served as head of structured & project finance department.Mr. Mayo is a CPA and holds a BA in Economics and accounting.
Benny Elisha
Benny Elisha Project Finance Manager

Holds a BA in economics from Bar Ilan University and has extensive knowledge in the world of financial mathematics. Has been practicing and specializing in PPP and Project Finance for over 7 years in both the public and business sectors. Past economist for the Southern Intelligence Corps program, which includes the largest PPP project initiated by the State of Israel, and senior project finance analyst at Discount Bank
Yuval Lipkin - Shahak
Yuval Lipkin - Shahak Analyst

Specializes in the private sector, merger and acquisitions, in both local and international transactions. Performs reviews and analyses for companies in various sectors. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree with honors in business administration with a specialization in finance from Reichman University
Sea Manovitch
Sea Manovitch Issuance Manager

Mr. Manovitch manages companies’ public and private issues of equity and debt, as well as financial products of various types, across a wide range of industries. In his previous position in Rosario, he served as an analyst, specializing in comprehensive reviews and analyses for real estate companies. He has prior professional experience as a real-estate analyst and in the Economic Department of the Securities Authority. Mr. Manovitch holds a Bachelor degree in economics and business administration with honors from Reichman University
Yarin Shloush
Yarin Shloush Issuance Manager

Mr. Shloush manages companies’ public and private issues of equity and debt across a wide range of industries. He previously served as credit and private debt manager at IBI Investment house. Mr. Shloush holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the College of Management, specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation
Noam Niev
Noam Niev North America Director

With a successful track record of 20+ years, Noam has established numerous companies and partnerships in the finance and real estate fields in both the USA and Israel. Over the past 5 years, Noam has been actively involved in bringing American companies to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, achieving notable milestones — including the acquisition of over $2B in bonds issuance and the successful listing of the first USA Reit on the TSA.

The Rosario Way


We believe that in-depth research is the cornerstone for a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business and industry and is the driving force behind our value proposition


Each of our leading professionals have at least 15 years of market proficiency which allows us to achieve extraordinary outcomes and overcome a variety of challenges


In a world of casual customers and specific projects, we emphasize the creation of long-standing relationships with our clients, based on personal acquaintance and partnership, which ensures maximum results time after time

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