Capital Markets

Nadav Raban

CEO Rosario Underwriting

Rosario Capital is one of Israel’s leading underwriting and capital raising firms. In our 20 years of activity, we have managed transactions totaling more than USD 40 billion and are regularly ranked among Israel’s leading underwriters. Our experienced team will lead your company's capital raising process from initial brainstorming to successful closing.

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Underwriting and Consulting

Rosario Capital holds a commanding presence as one of Israel's leading firms in capital raising and offerings. We harness our comprehensive, multi-faceted expertise to secure funds for some of the country’s largest entities, utilizing a diverse range of strategies from public offerings to sophisticated financial instruments.

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Public and Private Fundraising

At the heart of our operations lies capital raising. This comprehensive process encompasses analysis, consultation on the structure, timing, and pricing of the issue, crafting of an investor presentation, distribution of the offering documents, collaboration with third-party professionals such as accountants and lawyers, book building, and finalizing the transaction.

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Brokerage Services

As part of the comprehensive financial service that we offer to our clients, we conduct securities trading and distribution, leveraging our independent sources and enabling our clients to attain the best possible outcomes.

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Commercial Papers

Rosario Capital is Israel's leading provider of commercial paper distribution and operation, headed by Orit Zrihen, who brings over 18 years of experience to her role.

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Credit Rating Advisory Services

Under the management of Mr. Moshe Mayo, a highly experienced financial advisor, this team offers a wide array of services designed to optimize your company's fundraising potential. Our expertise extends to capital structure optimization, credit rating, financial risk management, business plan development, regulatory guidance, and economic analysis.

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Rosario Capital excels in managing fundraises for the TASE listed Biomed sector. This activity is managed by Dr. Zeev Zak, a cardiologist with a 20-year history of steering and advising private and institutional investors into the vast verticals of the life science sector.

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